How to create your own ROI Calculator

ROI Calculator with Dynamic Chart template An ROI Calculator is an excellent way to show your potential clients the long term value of investing in your product. ROI Calculators are used by automation companies, consultants, SaaS companies, Software providers etc. They are published directly on websites or as iPad / smart device apps.

Here’s how you can create your own ROI Calculator using LeadDoubler.

Step 1) Choose a template to start from

For an ROI calculator we suggest using the ROI Calculator with chart template or that you simply browse our template library.

Step 2) Define your calculations in a spreadsheet

Included in the template there is a spreadsheet for you to download. Start from there and define input and output fields directly in the spreadsheet.

Step 3) Replace the LeadDoubler logo with your own and consider changing the look and feel

Using the landing page editor you can easily replace images and change all the text. To change the look and feel you might have to use CSS. To get this right you are welcome to contact the LeadDoubler team on

Step 4) Launch the calculator

The calculator can be launched in the following ways:

  • As a stand alone Landing Page
  • As an integrated part of your website
  • As an iPad or smartphone app

Conclusions and links

Setting up an ROI calculator can be done in just a few minutes using LeadDoubler and Excel. All you have to do is to select a template and start from there.

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