Home Contractors – 4 Easy Fixes to Get Consistent Leads Through Your Website

Is getting consistent leads through your website proving to be a challenge? Do the numerous ‘solutions’ presented online overwhelm you or just sound too complicated? Sit back and take it easy because we’ve come up with a small list of actions you can do right now to get more consistent leads. The best part is, these actions are quick, easy and manageable on a budget.

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1 – First Get A Landing Page

You may have visited a website with a landing page without realizing it. If you’ve landed on a page with a specific offer (like an ebook, demo, quotation, etc.) and then had to give your email address for access, then that was a landing page. If you are in charge of marketing a home or general contractor company, you should seriously consider adding a contractor landing page to your website. Landing pages serve as a one-stop-shop where you can educate your consumer, sell your service and generate leads at the same time.

We know what your thinking: Why is my website not enough? Websites have a lot going on. It may contain a list of all your information: services, prices, partners, clients etc. This smorgasbord of information as well as buttons and tabs can sometimes cause visitors to navigate aimlessly before feeling lost in information and leaving. In another scenario, someone who desperately needs her leaking pipes repaired stumbles upon your site. Do you really think she would be interested to read about your company history or blog?

Landing pages can be quick and simple to set up. According to Unbounce’s landing page expert Oli Gardner, a landing page must contain 5 essential things:

  1. Your Unique Selling Proposition
  2. The hero shot (Image/Video)
  3. The benefits of your offering
  4. Proof
  5. A single conversion goal – in other words, your Call-To-Action

Here’s a good source that defines these 5 elements to help you get started.


The purpose of a landing page is to gather personal information from your web visitors/prospects. Name, address, phone number, email – in order to get a chance to connect with the leads and convert them to clients.

But in order to get that information, you’ll need to give something in return. This is further discussed in item #3.

2 – Inspire With Visual Content

Photos – As important it is to have a hero shot on your landing page, it is just as important to provide engaging visual content on your site. As people’s attention spans become shorter, it becomes easier to tell a story visually. If you do awesome professional roof replacements, you should show it. This is what your clients need to see. Inspire them with some powerful before and after photos.

Testimonials – Real stories from real clients will never get old. A sample testimonial for your landing page is great, but a bunch of other rave reviews of your service may be the little push that your client needs to pick up the phone or send you that email.

Videos – Videos have become one of the most powerful forms of content on the web. Take advantage of this free and easy to produce content by doing a timelapse of your renovations, another before and after or even video testimonials of your clients!

Check out this great remodel testimonial video from APlus Interior Design & Remodeling.

3 – Engage With Interactive Content

The latest and most game-changing form of content in modern online marketing. You will see this in the form of quizzes, tests, calculators, interactive infographics and white papers. The beauty of interactive content is that it allows you to educate your prospects and give them information they want, the benefit of which is they are more likely to give you their personal information in exchange. Give them a free quotation to remodel their kitchen, Quiz them on how well they take care of their lawns – and how long it will last.

Generate more leads with Leaddoubler interactive calculators.

Generate more leads with Leaddoubler interactive calculators.

As mentioned earlier, this type of interactive content is a powerful addition to a website. Wether on a landing page or a blog post. It’s easy to create and quick to install. You can have yours done in 15 minutes.

4 – Get In on Inbound Marketing

Now that you have great content and a landing page in place. It’s time to activate channels that lead to your site.

  1. Social media – Social media is an online marketing channel, but a great way to reach customers in your area. Start by creating a Google+ Business account, a Facebook fan page, and a Twitter profile. Don’t stress because you can limit the upkeep to less than 5 minutes per day. Have a designer make all of your social profiles to look attractive and professional. Then, start adding content.

Every time you create a new blog post on your website, add the link to each of your social profiles. There are services out there such as Buffer that allow you to automatically post to your social media accounts. Aside from your blog posts, add 2 updates per day. Post funny photos, relevant quotes, links or articles. Do this even if you don’t have any followers or fans yet. Google checks the overall social presence of your business and factors that into your search ranking.

There are countless ways to get social media fans and followers online. Here are a couple of ways to get relevant followers.

A. Every time someone signs up to your email list, direct them to a ‘Thank You’ page and ask them
to follow your social media accounts.

B. Encourage your customers to make inquiries on your social networks – it increasse the activity
on your social media account and demonstrates your expertise as you answer each question. Not
to mention, it creates more brand awareness for you as their social media activity becomes visible to their friends.

2. Location-based marketing – Using a free tool like Google+ Business can be very helpful in getting your website and business ‘discovered’ in your local. It allows your business to show up on people’s maps when they search for a business within a specific place. If your physical location matches the zip code of the ‘searcher’, there is a big chance that you will be featured in the top of the search listings.

By doing this right, you will be showing up on people’s maps if they search for business within a specific area. You are also very likely to be featured in the top of the search listings if you physical location matches the zip code of the ‘searcher’.

Generate more leads with a Leaddoubler calculator

Generate more leads with a Leaddoubler calculator

Simply add your business and address to Google + Local. Go to www.google.com/local/add and follow the steps. Also, encourage your customers to write as many reviews as possible on your Google because they will appear in search engines too. Learn more about those reviews and star ratings here.

3. Paid Search We’re talking about Bing Ads and Google Adwords. Among paid ads, these are the ones that are proven to generate the highest ROI. The process in managing these ad platforms can be tedious and overwhelming, so you might want to consider hiring an external company to do this for you. In the long run, you will save a lot of time and money.

Bonus: Nurture Your Client

You must follow through. As they say, leads are only as good as your nurturing efforts. Remember to send a nice Thank You email once you get a lead to sign up for your email list. Send friendly and professional follow up emails and learn as much about them to give you the tools you need to engage them in conversation. This will help you not only convert leads, but also create more leads in the future with positive customer feedback and referrals.

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