Google trends says Calculators are hot stuff

Have a look at this screenshot from Google trends comparing the search terms “Website”, “Landing page”, “SEO” and “Calculator” (Yellow). As you can see the number of searches for Calculator are steadily going up while searches for website are decreasing.

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What does this mean for you

If you’re working with marketing and sales listening to your market is key to success. According to Google trends your market wants calculators – not websites.

Luckily creating calculators are now as easy as creating a spreadsheet – with LeadDoubler setting up a calculator can be done by simply uploading an Excel file. The innovative platform automatically converts it into an interactive calculator nicely designed to match modern requirements:

  • The calculators are responsively designed and will work on all smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • You can easily define look and feel using one of our free templates
  • With the integrated lead capturing build directly into the system conversion rates are extremely high
  • LeadDoubler is for Calculators what WordPress are for blogs
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