LeadDoubler Receives Two Awards From Finances Online

FinancesOnline – one of the top online SaaS software review sites has reviewed LeadDoubler and given us two amazing awards.



These rewards are given only to selected companies in their best sales software category and are conducted by their expert review team. Their precise analysis may help you fully understand what LeadDoubler can do for you – so head over there and take a look at what they wrote about us:


That their positive review is written by review experts knowing all possible alternatives makes us amazingly happy. It feels a bit like getting a Michelin Star.

~ Morten Matras, CEO LeadDoubler.

The review is done by assessing the software, the team, social media statements and reach.

“Our experts analyze all the key aspects that may affect your alternatives, so that you can easily compare your options and pay attention to elements that really matter to your staff. We carefully examine each solution based on its merits and flaws, with big focus given to aspects like main features, collaboration capabilities, support for mobile devices, help and client support, integration capabilities, pricing and much more. In addition to that, our user reviews and state-of-the-art Customer Satisfaction Algorithm will enable you to easily discover what people who purchased a particular service think about it and what aspects they found beneficial or problematic. To ensure objectivity our reviews are not affected by vendors in any manner.”

FinancesOnline put a spotlight on the following aspects of LeadDoubler:

  • That it takes less than 5 minutes to create and launch an interactive online calculator
  • That the software integrates with leading CRM and newsletter application
  • That LeadDoubler makes it possible to design the calculators and quizzes easily and quickly
  • That all LeadDoubler clients give positive reviews and feedback.

The team at FinancesOnline does an amazing job of describing the core benefits of LeadDoubler ensuring you don’t have to do a detailed data-analysis before choosing to contact us.

“Our team at FinancesOnline is here to help business-owners find the best service to fit their needs. We know that searching for a perfect solution for your company may be difficult and asks for a lot of time-consuming research. Our team does that research for you to help you save time and allow you to choose from only the most trustworthy solutions out there.”

Sales Habits Mistakes for Finance Banking

Finance and Banking – Habits That Prevent You From Closing More Sales

Being a sales manager is a juggling act. More so when you work for the finance or bank industry. The deluge of information that you are expected to absorb, the long hours on the phone, the back and forth between clients, not to mention having to maintain that chipper and expert attitude all day. There’s obviously a lot of things to handle. But if you are not closing as many sales as you expect, then take note, because you may be falling short in some of these areas.

1) Not Qualifying

You do not want to waste your time with unqualified leads. We know this isn’t only just the sales department’s responsibility as we’ve discussed in a previous post. Double check your company’s lead scoring techniques and work closely with your marketing team to give your own department a better and more efficient use of your time and skills.

2) Not Establishing Enough Trust and Rapport

Too often we fall into practiced and (honestly) dry sales tactics that clients see through. Remember that buying decisions are primarily emotional. Which means a potential client’s feeling of whether or not he or she likes you will greatly determine your success. A natural, spontaneous and genuine vibe is what potential clients will respond too. Throw away some of your practiced lines and really listen and respond to what your lead is asking. You want them to feel like you care for them and are not just there to make a sale.

3) Talking Too Much

Some sales people think that demonstrating their know-how will earn a client’s trust. While knowledge of the industry will be much appreciated and expected, don’t overwhelm your lead or chatter until they get to the point of boredom or annoyance. Attention span is precious. Keep your information sleek and concise.

Sales people talk too much sometimes.

Slow down, no one’s doing a word count.

4). Not Communicating Your Value Effectively.

The client needs to know your business’s value to them. How are you demonstrating this?

Take a look at this advise from Jill Konrath on increasing your closing ratio:

“Know your impact. Make sure you’re clearly able to articulate the business value of your offering. You should ensure that you’re talking about key business drivers such as reduced operating costs, increase sales conversation rates or improved efficient. Adding metrics makes your message even more impactful.”

In the world of banking or finance of course, metrics/numbers talk. Once your client’s needs are evident, you can fine tune your presentation to meet their specific needs and preferences. On top of slides and portfolios, we suggest exploring interactive tools that will help you demonstrate these to your leads. Using interactive tools like an ROI calculator also greatly increases a lead’s emotional response to the discussion because of its dynamic nature.


On top of slides and portfolios, we suggest exploring interactive tools that will help you demonstrate these to your leads. Using interactive tools like an ROI calculator also greatly increases a lead’s emotional response to the discussion because of its dynamic nature.

Not closing a sale is like missing a slam dunk.

Just when you thought you had it… what happened?

5) Not Fully Understanding Your Lead’s Pace

We are talking about their timing and priorities, not yours. This includes their process for evaluation, selection and a number of other factors. This is where your patience is needed most. You don’t want to be too assertive.

“Objections usually evidence that the seller has made mistakes by pushing before trust and value has been established and without the necessary understanding of their timing, priorities and processes.” ~ Tony J. Hughes

You’ve established a rapport and have created a great and convincing presentation. Allow your potential customer time to ponder and get insight and discuss with other decision makers if there are any. Most saless experts will tell you, as much as talking is key in selling, so if knowing when to shut up.

How to generate leads fast using Adwords and online calculators

Task: Generate leads Fast

Solution: Setup an online calculator using LeadDoubler and a simple Adwords campaign.

With conversion rates (from visitor to Hot lead) of more than 20% it makes sense to use Google Adwords to generate traffic for an online calculator. This is exactly what we did for the danish company: Effektiv Byg og skadesservice.

Here’s what happened:


  • The calculator is launched with an Adwords campaign with a daily budget of $50.
  • 20 people click the Adwords ad
  • The first 5 leads are generated


  • Leads are contacted and the first meeting booked
  • New leads are generated
    Generate Leads fast with Adwords and an online calculator

    By combining Adwords with an intelligent online calculator creating leads can be started with a bang!

Sales funnel calculator

Sales keeps evolving, but becomes easier and easier to measure:

Check out our sales funnel calculator below:

Sådan ser virkelighedens salg ud

Baseret på salgstragt.beregner.net har vi udarbejdet en analyse, der tager temperaturen på danske sælgeres performance.

Beregneren opsamler automatisk data når den bruges. Denne data har vi brugt til at lave en statistisk analyse og en stribe anbefalinger til danske sælgere.

Analysen kan hentes fra salgstragt.beregner.net eller direkte fra salgstragtanalyse.beregner.net

3 surprising trends from Google

When comparing Calculators with Websites – Calculators win

Calculator vs. Website trends


Your visitors don’t care about your new website. They want answers fast – preferably delivered in the form of a calculator.

When comparing web developer with account manager – Account manager wins

Google trends - web developer vs. account manager


Web development is becoming a commodity – something that is being bought – nothing that people do in-house. Account Management is becoming more and more popular – possibly because there are an increasing number of solutions available for the client that a personal relationship is crucial for both parties in a B2B provider – buyer relationsship.

facebook beats LinkedIn, Google and apple combined – but is declining

facebook trend is declining


Facebook is still a much bigger player than Google, apple and LinkedIn when measured on the number of searches, but its popularity is rapidly declining.

Beregnere og interaktivitet


Du er sikkert klar over, at det er en god idé for en virksomhed at have en hjemmeside.
Men hvorfor egentlig? Hvad er det, der er så godt ved hjemmesider?

Som jeg ser det, kan en hjemmeside bruges til to forskellige ting:

Hjemmesiden kan fungere som informationskilde.
Her kan de besøgende læse om hvad der tilbydes, hvem der tilbyder, evt. hvor virksomheden befinder sig, osv.
Det er typisk sådan de fleste virksomheder vælger at bruge deres hjemmeside.

En hjemmeside kan også bruges til at brande, markedsføre og sælge.
Der er overraskende mange virksomheder, der ikke bruger deres hjemmeside til dette formål, og de går i dén grad glip af noget!


En hjemmeside skal først og fremmest konvertere.
Konvertering er processen fra, at en person kommer ind på din hjemmeside, til at vedkommende køber noget.

For at en hjemmeside konverterer godt, skal den være interaktiv.
Det betyder, at brugeren aktivt skal kunne foretage sig noget, der giver en form for respons.

Interaktivitet skal altid handle om den besøgende. Alle mennesker er interesserede i dem selv.
Man skal altså foretage sig noget på hjemmesiden, og hver bruger skal få et svar, der er tilpasset vedkommende.

Et fremragende eksempel på dette, er beregnere.
Den besøgende indtaster nogle oplysninger og får et svar ofte i form af en pris eller besparelse på produktet.

Dette aktiverer brugeren, og medvirker til at skabe interesse for dit produkt (og så slipper du for at have en hel side på din hjemmeside dedikeret til at oplyse priser).

En god og effektiv hjemmeside behøver altså ikke at være super avanceret, for at tiltrække kunder.
Det vigtigste er, at den engagerer brugeren, og får vedkommende til at foretage sig noget aktivt på siden.

Buying leads vs. generating leads

The man and the fish There is an old saying that goes something like this: “

*Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. **Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.*”

You have probably heard it before and already have an idea of what it means. A lot of businesses spend a lot of money on buying leads. Then they try to sell their product or service to the leads they buy. Whether they succeed or not they will be left with no new leads after the sales process and they will have to buy some more. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the company if it were able to supply its own leads? Being able to control the amount of leads you get and when you get them, without buying them as a 3rd-party, will not only save you money. It will also make you more effective sales-wise.

Here is why: The leads you buy are people with interest in your type of product, but not only that which your company delivers. For instance if the person is interested in a new carport it really does not matter what carpenter offers the service as long as someone does. This is the type of leads you pay for. If you generate the leads yourself you can make sure that the leads not only wants your type of product but also 

your company. The leads you generate yourself are therefore stronger than they leads you buy from traders. Plus you save money since you don’t have to spend money on getting your leads. If you have not already figured it out this can be compared with the man and the fish. Each day the man gets hungry and each day someone gives him a fish. That is in many ways ineffective and it is a simple but short term solution just like buying leads. If you learn to generate leads yourself you will be “fed for a lifetime”. You will be able to get the leads you want, when you want and thus you do not have to depend on others.

Køb af leads vs. generering af leads

Manden og fisken

Der er et gammelt ordsprog, der lyder nogenlunde sådan her:

Giv en mand en fisk og han har mad i dag.
Lær ham at fiske og han har mad resten af livet.

Du har sikkert hørt det før, og har allerede en idé om, hvad der menes med det.

Mange virksomheder bruger en masse penge på at købe leads.
Derefter forsøger de at sælge deres produkt eller ydelse til de leads de køber. Uanset om salget lykkes eller ej, står virksomheden efter salgsprocessen tilbage uden nye leads og skal nu købe nye.

Ville det ikke være en fordel for virksomheden, at forsyne sig selv med leads? At kunne kontrollere hvor mange leads man ønsker, og hvornår man vil have dem uden at behøve at købe dem som 3.-part er ikke alene besparende men også salgsmæssigt mere effektivt.

Her er grunden:

De leads du køber er folk der har interesse i din type produkt, men ikke kun det din virksomhed tilbyder.

Er vedkommende f.eks. interesseret i en ny carport, er det i virkeligheden underordnet, hvilken tømrer der tager kontakt og tilbyder sin ydelse.

Dette er leads man betaler for.

Genererer tømreren sine egne leads, kan han sikre sig, at det er lige nøjagtig hans virksomhed, kundeemnerne er interesserede i at få leveret ydelser fra.

Leads du genererer selv er altså betydeligt stærkere, end de leads du køber af div. forhandlere. Derudover sparer du penge, i og med at du ikke behøver betale for dine leads.

Hvis du ikke allerede har luret det, kan dette sammenlignes med den sultne mand.

Hver dag bliver han sulten, og hver dag bliver der givet ham en fisk. Det er på mange måder ineffektivt, og en let men kortvarig løsning, ligesom at købe leads.

Lærer du selv at generere leads, har du altså “mad resten af livet”. Du vil kunne få de leads du ønsker, når du ønsker, og behøver dermed ikke at afhænge af andre end dig selv.

Om leads

Hvad er leads?

Et lead er en potentiel kunde. En person der har vist interesse for det produkt eller den ydelse, du udbyder, og måske endda for din virksomhed.
Denne interesse kan udledes af hints, en person har efterladt sig. Ofte er dette på nettet i form af svar på spørgeskemaer og forbrugerundersøgelser. Dette er dog langt fra definitivt. Leads kan udledes på alle tænkelige måder. Selv en snak med en tilfældig person på gaden, kan vise sig at føre til et lead.


Kontaktoplysningerne på disse folk, er guld værd, hvis det er folk, der er interesseret i den type produkt, du tilbyder, da det giver dig mulighed for at tage kontakt, og lave et salg.


Hvorfor er leads vigtige?

Mange virksomheder foretager det, der kaldes kold kanvas.
Kold kanvas betyder, at man henvender sig til folk uden at have nogen idé, om hvorvidt de har interesse i dit produkt. Dette kan være en enormt besværlig proces, da hver henvendelse er et skud i tågen. Chancen for, at vedkommende, du har taget kontakt til ønsker at købe, er altså ikke særlig stor.
Man kalder det en lav konverteringsrate. Konverteringsraten er forholdet mellem antal af henvendelser du foretager, og antal salg du ender med at lave.


Hvis du på forhånd har kontaktoplysninger på folk, som du ved er interesseret, har du en kæmpe fordel.


Det kan spare dig en masse tid og ressourcer, eftersom du slipper for at ringe ud til et hav af mennesker, der ingen interesse har. Du kan istedet bruge din energi på at snakke med en flok mennesker, der alle er interesserede i dit produkt.
Din salgsproces bliver mange gange mere effektiv.


Du kan få et meget klart billede af, hvor vigtige leads er her: beregndinomsaetning.leaddoubler.com

Når du klikker på linket, kan du via en af vores beregnere udregne, hvor meget din omsætning vil stige, hvis du helt sløjfer kold kanvas og istedet fokuserer på kun at ringe til leads.