How to generate leads fast using Adwords and online calculators

Task: Generate leads Fast

Solution: Setup an online calculator using LeadDoubler and a simple Adwords campaign.

With conversion rates (from visitor to Hot lead) of more than 20% it makes sense to use Google Adwords to generate traffic for an online calculator. This is exactly what we did for the danish company: Effektiv Byg og skadesservice.

Here’s what happened:


  • The calculator is launched with an Adwords campaign with a daily budget of $50.
  • 20 people click the Adwords ad
  • The first 5 leads are generated


  • Leads are contacted and the first meeting booked
  • New leads are generated
    Generate Leads fast with Adwords and an online calculator

    By combining Adwords with an intelligent online calculator creating leads can be started with a bang!

Sales funnel calculator

Sales keeps evolving, but becomes easier and easier to measure:

Check out our sales funnel calculator below: