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Buying a car vs. buying a calculator

We love calculators. Not only are they great at converting visitors into leads they also allows you to stand out with more transparency and honesty than your competitors. Getting a calculator online can be done using special made tools like LeadDoubler or by programming them. With programming everything can be done – even things that might work […]

5 Ways Calculators Can Help You Get More Meetings

Online calculators are the fastest way of getting new appointments. Here’s how Calculators turn passive visitors into leads A web based calculator offers your visitors a way of learning more about their own situation triggering them into interacting with the calculators. If the calculators are designed with lead generation in mind chances are that some of these […]

ROI Calculator

ROI Calculators are a fantastic way of visualizing the benefits of a certain investment. They are usually used to generate leads, but may also be applied as a part of a sales flow, where the sales team involves the client in revealing their own business value of investing. The best way to visualize the benefits […]

3 key numbers for startups

When running a startup these three numbers are so vital that you need to know them inside out 24×7. Sales target Your sales target is the number of sales you need to make to stay a profitable business reaching your profit target and paying your fixed costs. This number tells you how many sales you […]

Survival of the fittest marketing animal

One of the more surprising lessons from the theory of the “Survival of the fittest” is the fact that it is more important to be good at adapting than it is to the biggest, fastest or strongest. If you’re a fast adapter you’re able to adapt quickly to changing environment – surviving new threads and […]