5 Ways Calculators Can Help You Get More Meetings

Online calculators are the fastest way of getting new appointments. Here’s how

Calculators turn passive visitors into leads

A web based calculator offers your visitors a way of learning more about their own situation triggering them into interacting with the calculators.

If the calculators are designed with lead generation in mind chances are that some of these users will leave their contact information in the calculator.

Note: When a LeadDoubler user input their contact information an email is send to the owner of the calculator within minutes by email.

Leads can be helped moving forward

Once you’re in dialogue with a lead you can move directly forward to a sales meeting, but often both you and the prospect can save valuable time if you use yet another calculator to help them understand your product.

Calculators like ROI calculators, pricing calculators and savings calculators are obvious candidates in this phase.

You can help your prospects convince their peers using calculators

Today I talked with a typical prospect who was interesting in our product. The lead was triggered by one of our calculators and left his contact info behind. I called him 2 min after he left his contact information behind and we identified that having a calculator could help them generate more leads.

After booking a meeting I sent him an email with a link to our ROI calculator designed to help our prospects and fans to help their decision makers make the right decisions.

This calculator helped my prospect convince his boss that having a meeting with us was worth his time.

Calculators can be shared by your fans and followers

Posting calculators through social media helps you spread the messages you want to send – even when they are too complex to be included in a simple tweet.

Once shared these calculators can be an eternal source of new leads and contacts. Push them a little and a snowball effect might lead you to places and leads you didn’t even identify.

Calculators can help you re-activate cold leads

Many prospects and leads are left forgotten even though they still might represent value for your organization. Contacting them without having anything new to add to an old conversation might not seem very motivating or provide any new meetings, so not contacting them are too often the result.

We recommend creating calculators designed to re-activate old leads. After all – you’ve got nothing to loose by contacting them.

Create a simple email linking to a calculator and send your email using a tool designed to notify you when a user opens the email and clicks the calculator and you’ve turned your long and inactive list of cold leads into a new list with hot leads who’ve deserved your time.


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